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WL W: Evgeniya Startseva: I hope we’ll add

by WoV
source: russiavolley.com

Questions of special correspondent SE after winning the match of the 4th round of Olympic qualifying tournament against Peru (3-0) Setter of the Russian team said Evgeniya Startseva, noting that she sees reserves in the game. In the second meeting of the party left the volleyball court, a hand covering her right eye.


Evgeniya Startseva

– What happened Evgeniya?

– A direct hit. It happens. Unpleasantly, but sometimes it happens in volleyball. It was unpleasant, even painful. Now everything is over, no problem.

– The Russian national team in Tokyo plays confidently and more and more variously in attack. Gamova attacks from convenient transfers, she do a lot of work in attack at blocking. You add if to compare to qualification in Ankara?

– It would be desirable to trust, that so is and will be. Today, I’m more confident, that’s for sure. And hope we’ll add.

– You personally for work in the first matches would put what estimation to yourself?

-Hard objectively to estimate itself. But even a five-minus, I precisely have not strummed. Reserve a lot.

– In order to obtain a ticket for the Olympic team, apparently, enough to win three games over Taiwan in the last round.

– I do not think the options.

– Why? It is useful to be well informed about an event. Italy and Serbia normally calculate everything, sometimes even in advance.

– We have certain principles. Yes, there are no superfluous information, but we always think more about the game. If you do play well, everything will be fine.

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