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RUS M: Final point on Dinamo – Zenit, OUT or BLOCK-OUT? (VIDEO)

by WoV

It's a shame that such a great match had kind of controversial ending, but to be honest it was almost impossible to determine which side was right.

After a great serve of Wilfredo Leon, Dinamo’s receivers lost control over the ball and it bounced to the Zenit’s side of the court. Matt Anderson was right at the net and he wanted to score from the first touch… Sergey Grankin went for a block.

The ball went out of bounds, but referees decided that it touched the hands of Grankin. Russian setter was furious because of that call and he even pulled down the net couple of times in his rage, but the call remained the same.

You can see the last point on the match between Dinamo Moscow and Zenit Kazan in the following video. Just go to 3:43…

What is your opinion? OUT or BLOCK-OUT? 


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