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ROAD TO RIO M: Big victory – Russia enter the final after beating Germany!

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Russia will play in the final of the European Olympic qualifying tournament!



Alekno’s team downed Germany in four sets to keep their Olympic dream alive! They will have two opportunities to reach Rio 2016! Tomorrow and at the World Qualifier (May and June).

The quality of experienced Sergey Tetyukhin was the key during this game. He had amazing moves in decisive moments and helped Russia reach final. Of course, Kliuka, Mikhailov and Volvich had a great contribution…

On the other side, German team missed Grozer, who was not in mood.

The first set was real volleyball marathon! Germany were leading all the time but at the end of the set, Russia managed to stay in the game. Kaliberda brought first set point to German side after a very good spike.  But, Kliuka answered on the other side to tie again, 24-24. In that moment, a real volleyball show was happening in front of the fans at Max Schmelling hall!

After Volkov’s mistake from the service line, Kliuka had to react again for 25-25. Fromm was the player who scored for new lead of his team (26-25). Ashev wanted to play a few minutes more 26-26.

As Grozer was not in mood, Mikhaylov managed to block him and to give his team first set point. But, Germany saved it (27-27). After a great serve of Fromm (28-27), Tetyukhin had to save his team (28-28).

The volleyball marathon has continued after Mikhailov’s spike to keep Russia in race (29-29).  The sixth set point was not enough for Germany as Kliuka managed to save it again (30-30).

Kampa’s mistake gave Russia second set point, Grozer now had an answer (31-31). Finally, Germany managed to win this part of the match after 43 minutes of playing time. Mistake of Volkov gave Heynen’s team 1-0 lead, (33-31).

Russia  didn’t want to surrender in the second set. They were not demoralized after losing the first set. Alekno’s side were leading all the time, but in one moment, home team managed to tie the score (20:20).

The most experienced player Sergey Tetyukhin was the man who was pushing Russia in these decisive moments. After his two moves (spike and block), Russia got the first set point, 24-22.

A player with number 12 Kostyatin Bakun made a good block and Russia tied the score in sets – 25-22!

Alekno’s side continued with good display in the third set as well. Middle blockers of Russia were doing an amazing job and thanks to them, Russia had 16-10 lead at 2nd technical.

Germany couldn’t find any answer for the rival’s game and they have to surrender in this part of the match, 25-19.

Heynen’s side opened fourth set with a lead and managed to keep it for a while. After tying the score 14-14, Mikhailov gave a lead with amazing spike, while Volvich’s block gave Russia two points of advantage at the 2nd technical.

Grozer gave a little hope to his team 18:18, but Russia created 3-0 scoring run for 21-18 lead! Again, Germany managed to make comeback with two blocks – 22-22!

Mikhailov ended scoring run of the rival and Russia had one-point advantage again. Afterwards, Grozer managed to save first set point of Russia, but two minute later, Tetyukhin created new set point and Volvich made winning block for big celebration of Russian team, 26-24!

Top scorers: Kaliberda 14, Fromm 14, Grozer 12, Collin 10 – Kliuka 21, Mikhailov 17, Tetyukhin 15, Volvich 12, Ashev 11


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Semifinal 1 09. 01. 2016 16:00 Germany vs Russia 1:3 33:31; 22:25; 19:25; 24:26    
Semifinal 2 09. 01. 2016 18:00 France vs Poland 0:0      

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