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RIO 2016 M: Tetyukhin is angry – “Where are the facts that confirm the guilt of our athletes?”

by WoV
source: lenta.ru

A member of Russian national team and legendary volleyball player, Sergey Tetyukhin got angry after not seeing the facts and evidences regarding “doping case” of the Russian athletes.



The situation is not clear. I read a lot of posts, analysts’ opinions, but the facts and evidences that confirm the guilt of our athletes, I have not seen and not heard. Ok, we have to respect someone’s opinions but we can’t build evidences on that and to punish our athletes. I think it’s unfair. It is necessary to investigate and identity the specific moments, if they exist at all. When their opinions become facts, then we need seriously to respond and fight against this. In meantime, I can only see the words, and there are almost no facts in any case. All of this, will have a huge influence on our fighting spirit” says Tetyukhin

Recall that Tetyukhin might be Russia’s flag-bearer at the Olympic Games.


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