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USA W: School preventing player from playing in national championship (VIDEO)

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A Missouri college gives a full ride scholarship to a student because of her volleyball talents.

Hannah Leslie

Hannah Leslie

She makes good grades. But now the school is preventing her from playing in the national championship.

Confused? You`re not alone.

People showed up for an all day long protest outside East Central College in Union, Missouri.

Nineteen-year-old freshman Hannah Leslie was awarded a scholarship to play volleyball. During the season she missed three biology classes for games, she says she got an excuse note for those absences from the school`s athletic director. But the biology professor known to students as Dr. Parvee has apparently told Hanna miss one more class and she`ll have to take the course all over again. Those are the rules. Excuse note or not.

Some folks wonder why the school gave her a scholarship to play volleyball if she wasn`t going to play every possible game, especially the championship.

The school has decided to fly Hannah to one game in Ohio and back in time so she doesn`t miss class. Administrators say they`ve tried but failed to reach a perfect solution for everyone involved. The college president says professors run their classrooms the way they see fit.

Both sides seem to agree on one thing, it does not appear there will be any changes for Hannah in time for the championship games.

Hannah plans to change schools next semester; ironically she wants to become a biology teacher.

The school president said the biology professor declined to be interviewed.

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