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3. Part: Olympic weight lifting

by WoV
author: Alessandro Bracceschi

Author: Alessandro Bracceschi / Olympic weight lifting is an athletic discipline in the modern Olympic program in which participants attempt a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates.



First, I would like to apologize for making a mistake in my in last article, saying that “Power” lifting exercises are the best way to train the explosive power for our volleyball athletes.

What I meant to propose in that article and to talk about in this one was “Olympicweight lifting, so the key words are “Olympic” instead of “Power”.

In particular, Power lifting contains Squat, Dead lift and Bench press exercises while Olympic weight lifting includes “Snatch” and “Clean and Jerk” which are more meant for training one’s explosive power. 

Snatch: The essence of the execution is to lift a barbell from the ground with arms locked overhead in a squatting position in a smooth continuous movement.

Clean and jerk: The clean portion of the lift refers to the lifter explosively pulling the weight from the floor to a racked position across deltoids and clavicles.This pulls the lifter under the bar and into a deep squat position.The lifter then stands (similar to a front squat) in preparation for the second phase.

Jerk: from the standing position, the lifter bends the knees and then straightens them in order to propel the barbell upwards. The lifter pushes slightly with the arms splitting with the legs.

The benefits of this type of work out to the volleyball conditioning program are: 

total body exercises;

increased neuromuscular coordination;

increased core stability

increased explosive power and joint flexibility

increased plyometrics strength and reactive power;

More, the lift up to the moment where knees are moved under the bar during the pull is similar to the volleyball jump approach. The take – off phase of these jumps involves same conditions to the explosion phase of the pull.

The plant time of the take – off legs (the period of time to convert the horizontal kinetic energy of the approach to vertical lift) of our athletes is around 330 millisecond.

The explosion phase (the flexing and straightening of the knees) is in the range of 270 to 340 milliseconds for technically efficient lifters.  So very similar. 




ALESSANDRO BRACCESCHI (Fano, Italy 16/07/1980) 
– Degree in accounting (I.T.C Battisti, Fano 1998)
– Degree in Physical Education (with emphasis on Prevention/Rehabilitation)
University of Urbino, Italy 2003

* 2006-2007 Player and Athletic Trainer    “Nuncas Piu Volley Chieri”* 2006-2007     Athletic Trainer “Pallavolo Torino”          Men’s Division C, Italy
*2007-2008      Athletic Trainer                “Santeramo Sport”         Women’s Division A1, Italy
*2007-2011      Athletic Trainer                 Bulgarian Women’s National and Junior National Teams
*2008-present  Athletic Trainer                 “Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta” Women’s League 1, Turkey Champion’s League

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