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Turkey: Guidetti – “Vakifbank spirit is so important”

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akifbank Turk Telekom’s Italian born head coach Giovanni Guidetti said that Vakifbank spirit is so important.

Vakifbank spirit is so important

Vakifbank spirit is so important

Guidetti told that they had a 3:0 defeat in last week away, however score was so close and did not determine the real game.

Our block and defence worked very well today. We scored 20 block points. We managedto stop Polina Rahimova on the net and she played %30 in attack. But we still have to improve something. I am really happy with the victory and re-gain Vakifbank spirit. Because this spirit is very important for me. My team can only win when fighting.”

“We are not too talented, we are not tall, I saw we fought today and won. This victory will give us confidence for upcoming matches.

When we asked about mental fatigue of the team, young head coach answered, “I try to give some rest to the players when we could, nevertheless schedule is very busy and it is so hard to apply. Turkish league give me an opportunity to rest my players, but they are professional, they have to learn to live this. I thought to cooperate a psychologist to help the team, we made it in National team. Maybe I can try on it but we need free time to organize.

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