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CEV CL: VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN scores away win in Romania

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Baia Mare, Romania, December 21, 2011. VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN claimed tonight a nice victory over the Romanian team of Remat ZALAU with the score of 3:1 (23-25, 25-22, 25-23, 27-25) for the fourth round of play in the prelims of the 2012 CEV Volleyball Champions League – Men (Pool B).

VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN scores away win in Romania

VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN scores away win in Romania

Even though the local heroes didn’t win, tonight’s home match of Remat was a delight for all the Romanian fans that were present at “Lascar Pana” sports hall in Baia Mare. 

Remat ZALAU snatched the first set, after some breathtaking rallies and successful attacks of Peter Nagy and Zoltan Mozer, taking the lead at 13:12 and seizing it with a margin of two.   

During the next set, both teams played hardball for supremacy. VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN dominated the Romanian team, but only with a few points of advantage (3:5, 12:14, 19:21).

Remat ZALAU threw everything in the battle and caught the Germans (21:21), but they couldn’t stop their rivals from achieving this set. 

In the third set, Remat ZALAU put a lot of pressure on FRIEDRICHSHAFEN’s defense and managed to control the guys from the guest team, thanks to some great actions in reception and good attacks (9:3).

VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN fought back step by step, through some outstanding blocks. 

The last set was quite balanced at the beginning, but after 14:16 FRIEDRICHSHAFEN changed gear, taking advantage of Remat’s ups and downs.

The last points were quite questionable and decided the win of the German champion. 

The head coach of Remat ZALAU, Mariusz Sordyl stated after the game: “In spite of the fact that we played very well, we lost. It was a tough game, with a very close score. We would have needed only a few more points to win this match.”

Zoltan Mozer, Remat’s captain, was disappointed, like all his team mates.

We could have won this game” he said.

Unfortunately, we had some problems with our reception in the last set. We still hope that we will play well the next two games”. 

On the other side, the Romanian-born head coach of VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Stelian Moculescu declared: “I think my students were a bit scared in the first set, but eventually they improved some aspects of their game. It is a bit disturbing that a few mistakes can change the situation dramatically”.

Remat ZALAU’s playing style was praised by Joao Jose, FRIEDRICHSHAFEN’s team leader, who said that “it wasn’t easy at all to defeat Zalau’s team at their home”.

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