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Support for Kim Yeong Koung (VIDEO)

by WoV

The Korean fans stand up for Kim Yeong Koung in front of Heungkuk Pink Spiders (HK). Jiyoung Kim has recorded a short video during the protest for Kim in Seoul.

On May, 29th, Heungkuk Pink Spiders (HK) sent the official document explaining the issues between Kim and HK to Korea Volleyball Association (KVA), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), Korea Sports Council (KSC) and Korean Volleyball federation (KOVO). In that document, HK said that Kim has been misleading the truth and claiming false arguments. HK also said “Kim and her agent asked some politicians to change the rules relaying on her fans. When that didn’t work well, she insists that she’s a FA player mentioning FIVB rules.” Moreover HK said “She’d better stop abusing her popularity and thinking of herself as a privileged player. She should try to solve this problem under the right principles and rules as soon as possible.”

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