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Enhance Your Talent and Achieve Your Goals: Motivational Speech for Volleyball Players (VIDEO)

by WoV

Why do athletes, including volleyball players, participate in sports or keep up with their fitness routine? Is it maybe about motivation?

For some, participating in sports is a desire to push themselves higher and harder each time, and to feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete another training session or game. For others, it’s the rush of adrenaline that comes with competing, as well as the incredible feeling of excitement and accomplishment that comes with being a part of a team that wins a game. Many people find that a combination of the above is the ideal recipe for feeling excellent in both mind and body. Motivation lies at the core of all that.

The fact that motivation is the one factor in sports performance over which you have control is why it’s so crucial. All athletic efforts and achievements are built on a foundation of motivation. All of the other mental variables, such as confidence, intensity, attention, and emotions, are meaningless unless you have a strong desire to improve your athletic performance. You must be driven to do all it takes to enhance your talent and achieve your goals in order to become the best athlete. i.e. volleyball player you can be.

Jiří Popelka, a former Czech volleyball player, now the man behind the VolleyCountry website, posted a motivational video on YouTube that might be useful for all the players in the world whenever they find themselves down…

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