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BUL: Bulgaria Selects National Sports Mascot Girls

by WoV
source: novinite.com

Three Bulgarian girls have been selected to become mascots of the country's national football, basketball and volleyball teams.


From left to right: “Miss National Football Team,” “Miss National Basketball Team” and “Miss National Volleyball Team”

19-year-old Tereza Raykova is now “Miss National Football Team,” while 18-year-old Alexandra Bogdanska is “Miss National Basketball Team” and 24-year-old Viktoriya Koleva is “Miss National Volleyball Team.

Each “Miss National Team” will wear the title for a period of two years. They will get to travel with their respective national teams and support them.

The organizers of the first ever Bulgarian national sports teams mascot contest have pointed out that the girls had to be knowledgeable about sports.

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