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09. 08. 2017

Manager of Perrin and Tillie announces an open letter – “Disappointment of the clubs is understandable”

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Georges Matijasevic, a man who represents Gordon Perrin and Kevin Tillie, has decided to announce an open letter, in which he explained the situation regarding these two players.


Gordon Perrin was the first who informed Resovia about his will to leave, then Kevin Tillie talked with the Jastrzebski board, saying that he wants to leave.

We are announcing the full statement of Georges Matijasevic:

Situation of Kevin Tillie and Gordon Perrin is different. Gordon Perrin has only a pre-contract signed with Resovia and he informed Resovia about his will to play in China. It is very common for clubs to change players even when they have 2-year contracts signed. They are not happy with performance or they don’t fit the team tactically. Clubs change them eve when they have valid contracts. Players have families. When that happens, we don’t have a choice; we negotiate for a buy out and we look for a new team. One of the most important Italian teams stopped with 2 of my clients this year as they had a valid contract. We negotiated buyouts and I started looking for new teams. We found a solution. This is the nature of professional sports. Couple of years ago Gordon Perrin was fired from his former club while having a large contract signed for the following year. I started looking for a new team and we negotiated a buyout. We found solution again. On the other hand, when a player wants to leave, the disappointment of the club is understandable. Nevertheless, it is difficult and not productive for the club to force him to stay. A player forced to stay against his will won’t be a beneficial situation for a club.

Regarding Kevin Tillie’s case, we are having a buyout discussion with Jastrzebski Wegiel as the player informed the team about his will to leave. The player explained his reasons to the club’s officials. We will give more information in due time.


Georges Matijasevic

LZ Sport Pro Agency

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6 Comments about "Manager of Perrin and Tillie announces an open letter – “Disappointment of the clubs is understandable”"

09.08.2017 | 21:19 |   Adam [unregistered]

Who is this guy?!?!He saying that contracts are valid when his player sign and like club,and not valid when they recive offer for more money

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09.08.2017 | 21:28 |   Piotr [unregistered]

So this means that pre contracts are not
valid in volleyball??Or Resow made bad one,than they should suck team menager

+0            0-
09.08.2017 | 22:35 |   Jerry Maguire [unregistered]

Respect young Georges, you are better than me, you're best agent ever.

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09.08.2017 | 22:59 |   Axe [unregistered]

And where is player in this matter? He is the one putting his signature. Why he didn't say: Sorry George, I know there's a bigger money in China, but I have already signed for less and I want to respect my word and stay!!!!!!!!

+0            0-
09.08.2017 | 23:19 |   bil [unregistered]

Louse suck blod !
George is best ever . we suport you from China .

+0            0-
10.08.2017 | 17:23 |   koli [unregistered]

George huge suport from Albania.
You are best . thank you George ..
you are strong your are ruling 5 players of Poland teach them leson George..

+0            0-

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