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03. 04. 2018

BRA W: Volei Nestle secured the fifth match in semifinals

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Volei Nestle and Dentil/Praia Club will play the fifth match of their semifinal series of the Brazilian Superliga.


Volei Nestle outplayed Dentil/Praia Clube with 3-1 (31-29, 27-25, 24-26, 25-19) and the fans enjoyed in another great performance of Tandara Caixeta who led Osasco with 36 points and was named for the MVP of the match.

In the first two sets, Volei Nestle punished Dentil/Praia Clube who didn’t use the set balls. 

In the first set after 21-21 Praia moved to 23-22 but with two points of Tandara, Nestle reached the first set point (24-23). With many exchanges of points in which also Praia had a set point, Nestle finished this period of the game with 31-29.

In the second set who was a real copy of the first one, Praia came to set point thanks to Fe Garay  (24-23) but Bia Correa stopped Nicole Fawcett with a block for 24-24 and then for 25-24. After another equalization, Nestle also won this set - 27-25.

The third set was also uncertain until the end. The result was 23-23 when  Mari Paraiba scored match point but Fabiana  Claudino saved two points in a row and Mari Paraiba made mistake to finished set 26-24 for Praia.

In the fourth set, the result was 18-18 when Tandara made the new point and then Bia stopped Walewska de Oliveira for 21-19. That was the moment when Praia surrendered and Nestle scored 4 points in a row for 3-1 (25-19).

The fifth and decisive match is scheduled for April 7.

Volei Nestle - Dentil/Praia Club 3-1 (31-29, 27-25, 24-26, 25-19); in serie: 2-2

Osasco: Josefa de Souza “Fabiola”, Mariana Costa “Mari Paraiba”, Natalia Martins, Tandara Caixeta, Angela Leyva, Ana Beatriz Correa “Bia”, Tassia Stael (L); Carol Albuquerque, Lorenne Teixeira, Paula Borgo, Camila Brait. N.E: Bruna Neri, Erica Mota “Kikka”, Ninkovic. Coach: Luizomar de Moura.

Praia Clube: Claudia Bueno “Claudinha”, Fé Garay, Walewska Oliveira, Fawcett, Amanda Francisco, Fabiana Claudino, Suelen Pinto (L); Ellen Braga, Ananda Marinho, Natasha Farinea. N. E: Lais Vasques, Carla Santos, Andreia Laurence, Bruna Pavan. Coach: Paulo Coco. 


To see complete results, stats and standings, visit our BRA National championship 2017/2018 (Female) page. 


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