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06. 01. 2018

NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Loran Alekno – “Every moment spent with these players is priceless”

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A dream of every player is to play in the best team in the world. This dream came true for Loran Alekno, a son of legendary coach Vladimir Alekno.


Hard work always pays off and that was the case with Loran. He got the chance after making a huge progress during summer 2017! Now, he is growing among volleyball giants.

Let’s see how it feels like to play with the world’s stars in Zenit Kazan and having a father as the head coach.

How do you feel as a member of the best team in the world?

I’m feeling good. It’s a good thing when you are getting a lot of help from this team,” says Loran Alekno at the beginning of the interview.

You are making a big progress this season, playing much better – so, what’s your secret?

Actually, there is no secret. I worked a lot this summer and I still have some work to do and maybe that’s is the secret. Before every training session, I am practicing setting with a coach, at least for an hour.”

How does it feel like to play with the world volleyball stars such as Mikhailov, Leon and Anderson?

These three players are the best in the world and every moment spent with these players is priceless.”

Did you get some suggestions at the beginning from these stars such as “Give me the faster ball” or something like that?

Yes, for sure. I’m the new setter in the team and I didn’t know how to send them the perfect ball at the beginning of the season. However, now I can feel them and passes are great.”


Since you are playing with experienced setter Butko, are you receiving some tips from him?

Yes, he is giving me good advice sometimes.”

You have to prove your volleyball skills in front of your father – how difficult is that?

Well, let me put it in this way – it’s not difficult. Not at all.”

When you get back home after practice, are you still getting some advice from your father or you two are not talking about volleyball at home?

We try not to speak about volleyball at home. However, sometimes we have to talk about it because volleyball…it’s our life.”

Do you think that you can reach the senior national team of Russia in the near future?

“I am not thinking about the national team right now.”

What would be your message for volleyball fans in 2018?

My message would be to watch volleyball and support it. Now, volleyball is becoming much better year by year. So, you should enjoy,” says Loran Alekno at the end of the interview for WorldofVolley.


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