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Why is it Useful for Students to Play Volleyball?

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There is more to university than education. Sure, going to class, a bit of partying, and creating bonds that could last a lifetime are all key, but it is here that you can also explore a sport that could change your outlook on life. Of the many sports you could take up is volleyball, and you don’t even need to be an expert player to get into it. You just need to start, and there is no better place to try something new than college.

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Here are some amazing benefits of volleyball for students.

For Fitness

When you are still in your early twenties, you are still quite fit. You may not feel the need to worry about being overweight because your metabolism is overworking at this point. This also happens to be the best time to build a fitness plan that will carry you into the years when this changes because it will. So, joining the volleyball team could be one of the best gifts you give yourself. If your coursework makes it hard to do this, you can hire a college essay service to help with assignments. With the best writing service working for you, you can now work volleyball practice into your schedule.

Getting lean and fit is great, but it is not the only thing you get out of this. You will also learn to eat healthier meals to supplement your workouts, and this habit carries into adulthood when work-life balance makes it hard to get in proper training. Fitness has a positive impact on your studies because you sleep better and are more alert in class. So, the reward for dedicating a few hours a week in practice is seen in several areas of your life.

Builds Teamwork and Leadership Skills

Apart from good health and improved fitness, you get in a lesson or more on teamwork and leadership. Teams do not win by individuals showing off their strengths and fighting alone, but by everyone doing their part. This is what you are getting into when you start playing with your friends instead of against them. You learn to give up a little, so someone else can shine. While at it, you gain friends that could stay with you long after college.

There are always leaders in teams, and joining others could help you nurture your skills. If you are selected to be the captain of your team, you learn to lead the way and motivate others even. These skills will be handy in your career. Yet another skill you could gain from volleyball is some form of work-life balance because you would have to manage your time properly, so your practice does not affect your class time.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Volleyball requires you to be mentally present and will call upon your hand-eye coordination. You have to follow the ball with your eyes when you serve and then be present enough to strike at the right time. When setting, this coordination will help you see the position of your hitters so you can set them well.  Remember it’s all about teamwork? This kind of focus is not so different from what is expected of you in your studies. When you have an essay to write and an upcoming exam, your concentration levels are supposed to be at their best to get the best grades.

Changes your Lifestyle

When you take up volleyball, you become aware of the risks sports pose when done wrong. You learn to avoid injury by doing the right things, such as stretching pre and post-match. You also learn about the various types of shoes there are for different sports. You become more aware of your body and how to respond to it, including muscle overuse and fatigue. You also become open to other low-impact workouts such as – swimming – that improve your endurance.

Just Start

It only takes a bit of interest and the courage to join a team to get started. You do not have to be the most sporty person to start as that will come with practice. Practice makes you a better player and improves your confidence, and you could be outstanding by the time you are done with college. So, just start, and the skills will catch up.

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