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POL W: Rachael Adams – At the beginning it wasn’t easy

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source: orlen-liga.pl

Rachael Adams, KS Palac Bydgoszcz's player spoke about her team, the Orlen Liga and her life in Poland. For more latest volleyball news visit worldofvolley.com


Rachael Adams

How did you find yourself in the Polish team?

At the beginning it was not easy (laughs). I could not say anything. During the game, often I wanted to say something, shout to friends, but all I could say was just “aaaaa” (laughs). It was hard and stressful. Communications in the game is extremely important, and it’s hard. Now I know what to say, what to shout when I want to pick up the ball. I also understand the coach. Every day is getting better.

About your stay in Poland you write a blog. It’s very interesting – looking Poland through the eyes of a foreigner. What was most surprising in Poland for you?

I can not point out one most surprising thing. But I was surprised when I had lunch with my friends from the team. One girl asked me what do we say before meals in America, because in Poland they say “tasty”. I was surprised because we do not say anything. Then she was surprised that we sit at the table without saying anything. I like to find cultural differences. You have some things that a novelty for me. Now I say “tasty” to people I do not even know (laughs).

Why did you decide to play in Bydgoszcz?

ORLEN Liga is very good. This is my first season outside of the United States. Club enjoys a good reputation. I was excited about going and playing in a strong league.

What do you expect after your stay in Poland?

I would like to get the best and develop. Play more confident, to be better at blocking and be consistent … Yes … I would like to become a better volleyball player in each element (laughs).

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