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EXCLUSIVE: Felipe Fonteles – “We will remain united!”

by WoV

The final game of the Turkish Cup. Fenerbahce was on the right way to win another trophy in this season. However, it all turned out to be a nightmare evening for Istanbul giant.




Fener lost the game and the trophy, but there was something else. Emotions prevailed , and there was a lot of arguing in the team… At one point Felipe Fonteles even yelled at his own coach Castellani!

After things have calmed down, Brazilian realized that he has made a big mistake. In this exclusive interview for WoV, Fonteles has described what happened on that day.  

“We were playing amazingly, everything was working great and all of us had a huge energy.  I was sure that we would win, but things started to go wrong and I overreacted. The first person I saw in that moment was Castellani and I yelled at him, even though he was the last person to blame. My emotions just exploded” said Fonteles and then continued:

“That kind of things happen in important games, but from that moment our team just lost focus. I am so sorry, because we were so close of winning the Cup.”

Fenerbahce player stated that his team will be even more united in the rest of the season.

“Fenerbahce is a family, and everybody will see that. The strength of a union will give us even more energy to fight for the Championship title, which is the most important trophy in this season.”

For the end, Fonteles couldn’t confirm us if he will stay in dark blue and yellow jersey for the next season as well, but…

“I love this team. I have been playing for Fenerbahce with my all heart since I came here. As for my future plans… I will continue to fight for this club until the end. I would be happy to continue my career here.”


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Ginger April 17, 2014 - 4:51 pm

I hope that Fener will win the title 😀


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