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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Bethania de la Cruz – “It wasn’t our time to win medal at WCH yet”

by WoV
source: Photos: zimbio.com, przegladsportowy.pl

Bethania de la Cruz de Peña was one of the most wanted players last summer. European clubs were eager to have a player with such a strong spike and serve, a player that will bring them strength.

Bethania de la Cruz in NT

Bethania de la Cruz in NT

She simply stood up at the World Championship 2014 in Italy where her national team, Dominican Republic, almost won a medal (5th in the final standings, without a loss in the first phase).

Season before that, she dominated in the Korean GS Caltex, won the title and on three consecutive games in the play-off finals, she scored 50 or more points!

Her choice for the first European club was Eczacıbaşı from Turkey…

Are you satisfied for choosing Eczacıbaşı?

“Yes, I’m very happy to be here this season. It’s a great opportunity for me to play in a high level league like Turkish and in the enormously successful club like this.”

Have you already adapted to the new club and a new country?

“It was easy, since everyone here are extremely professional and have given me the confidence to adapt myself faster.”

Please, compare the comprehension of volleyball and lifestyle in Japan with Turkey.

“They are very different. In Japan, they only accept one foreigner in each team and thus, I had a heavier burden. Instead, here all the players can contribute equally. But in Japan, I learned so much like I’m learning here, too.”

Bethania in Eczacıbaşı

Bethania in Eczacıbaşı

Do you regret because you did not win a medal with the Dominican Republic at the World Championship, even though you were so close?

“Well, yes. The truth is, we did a great job at the World Championship, but if we had won a medal it would be something bigger for us.”

What your team missed for the medal?

“There’s no time to find out what was missing because it will not turn back the time. I think we did not miss anything because we worked hard for the Championship, but maybe it wasn’t time for us to win a medal yet. The truth is that we worked every day to achieve that goal, but we just couldn’t.”

What do you think about Group 1 where your national team will play in World Grand Prix 2015?

“Although I still haven’t thought of that, I feel good to be able to play again for my national team. It’s amazing, but I prefer to go step by step and now I’m focused on Turkish league.”

You are playing abroad for almost five years. What do you miss the most from home?

“I miss everything from home, but I miss my family the most, especially my son.”

How did you celebrate the New Year’s Eve and what do you wish in 2015?

“Well, my celebration was the training (smile). I spent it here in Turkey with my teammates. What I wish for 2015 is to stay in physical and mental health to perform and to maintain my level as a player.”


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