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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Elitsa Vasileva – “I’m very happy with Milena Rašić and Robin de Kruijf”

by WoV

We cannot imagine how many kilometers Elitsa Vasileva passed in her life just to play volleyball. From her native Bulgaria she went to Italy, after four seasons she moved to Brazil and the last season she was one of the main stars in South Korea. From Asia she went to Turkey where she now plays for VakifBank.

Elitsa Vasileva


One of the most popular Bulgarian receivers Elitsa Vasileva answered to our questions in her first interview in 2015.

Where did you spend New Year’s Eve and with whom?

Milena Rašić, Robin de Kruijf and I were together last night and it was fun. But I must not forget to wish to all of your readers a happy and successful 2015!

Can you explain to us how did you become the best friend with them?

Actually, it happened so naturally! Right from the beginning of the season we used to spend more time together, going to the mall, to some restaurant … We just enjoy so much in the company of each other, and I’m so happy with them! Also, the other girls from the team are good and I like to be with them, too! We have a really nice connection.

On the social networks, every day we can see some new photos of you. Where the three of you like to go out in Istanbul?

I think it’s one restaurant where we like to eat sometimes after the trainings.

Do you already have the favorite place?

Personally, I love Istanbul and all of its places are my favorite! I really can’t say I like only one place more than the other.



Can you make difference between the four leagues where you played – Italy, Brazil, Korea and now Turkey?

Actually, the difference is really big. It’s funny how volleyball can be changed and different even though there are the same rules and the same court everywhere. Before I came to Turkey I felt so good in Italy. At my last year there it was already “home” for me, but… now I’m in Turkey and I cannot feel any better! I play in the best team and everything is so perfect! I’m so happy about it.

Where you felt the best and why? What has left the best impression on you in Brazil and what in Korea?

I really enjoyed my time in Brazil and Korea, because I’m a person who likes to try a new stuff and I feel like an adventurer. The both countries have so different cultures; I loved the Brazilian people, their food, the weather and much more . In Korea people care about you and they work so hard, which I like, too!


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