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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Helena Havelkova – “Italy is the best for living”

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The Czech volleyball star Helena Havelkova feels great in Italy. In New Year’s interview for WorldofVolley she reveals why she likes Italy so much and talks about Czech volleyball...

Helena Havelkova


After shoulder surgery last year, she decided to back to Busto Arstizio in this season. She confirmed that it was good choice.

You returned to Busto again, are you happy with this decision?

I had really difficult last season because of my shoulder surgery. I chose Busto for this volleyball season as a place where I can recover myself- physical but also mentally. Here I can find everything what I need to work good. So, yes I’m happy!

Meanwhile, you played in Russia and Turkey. Which place is the best for living – Russia, Turkey or Italy?

Well, every country is different and has own positive and negative things. I really like all of them. For living maybe the best is Italy for me because people are really kind, you can find also a lot of things to do out from volleyball as shopping, food…I have played here already for 6 seasons and I can speak Italian language so maybe that’s why I’m more for Italy. If you play somewhere as a foreigner it’s always nice to speak with people with language that you know it makes everything easier. But if I count volleyball part, Russia and Turkey have for sure best teams in Europe and really high level of volleyball and I think I would like to play again there in future.

What do you think about Czech volleyball? Progressing or?

 “We have couple interesting young players in Czech rep. so I think volleyball in Czech can still grow. It depends a lot on national team’s results as well.”

 Who has inspired you to play volleyball?

If you mean like who is my idol I don’t have one… since I was young I prefer to watch men’s volleyball more than women’s . I play volleyball because of my father, he also played volley and I still do it also for him.”

Where did you spend New Year’s eve and with who?

“We have really busy program at the end of 2014 so I went home just for a couple of days after Christmas but in New Year’s Eve I was here in Milan with my friends and teammates. We have already practice today.”

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have and why?

You mean thing, not person, right? So, I would like to have my phone because I would miss the contact with everybody especially with my family and friends. My bed and teeth brush as I can have good smile always


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