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Nutrition belongs to volleyball! Famous Margit Slimáková as a guest at the World Volleyball coaching show

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INTERVIEW – “Healthy nutrition is not a science,” that is the slogan of a top-class nutrition expert PharmDr. Margit Slimáková who is going to be an important lecturer at the World volleyball coaches shows in Kladno.

Slimakova Margit

Slimakova Margit


Margit Slimáková specializes in education in the area of health prevention and nutrition. She offers consulting, publishes, lectures and makes presentations. She wrote a bestseller called “Very personal book about health” and established Globopol as the first Czech think tank for public health questions. She studied pharmacy and nutrition and, in her practice, she uses proven knowledge from all branches of medicine. According to extensive research of an independent international organization Ashoka, she is the most influential Czech expert in the field of a healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition and attitude to health care. In the past, she would stay and work in Germany, China, France or the USA.

You pursue a healthy lifestyle and nutrition in general. How much do you think that our diet influences our wellbeing?

The diet has an essential effect, together with avoiding smoking and sufficient activity, it belongs to the fundamental possibilities of preventing common illnesses nowadays.

At the World volleyball coaches show, you will speak on topic Nutrition of youths is not a science. Can you explain your idea a little bit deeper?

The nutrition of none of us is science. We don’t need any research, special diet or dietary products to eat in a healthy way in our homes. Healthy nutrition is about eating real foodstuffs. These provide necessary nutrients and saturate our stomachs and as a consequence, we don’t overeat. Instead of thinking about nutrient ratios, grams or calories, we should think about the taste and smell of foodstuffs. Let’s enjoy cooking, eating and sharing food with friends.”

Young athletes drive away hunger after training or a game in fast foods. How can we change this behavior?

I recommend inspiring by being an example instead of ordering and restricting. Also, inspire by great food and support the choice of the best by the environment. It means that the offer of super tasty and super healthy meals should be the easiest and most alluring option in schools, sports facilities and households.”

The nutrition of children and youths is highly influenced by parents. Shouldn’t we aim for them with a healthy lifestyle?

We should aim at them too, that’s for sure. However, children and youths that participate in sports are usually independent and educated enough to understand what healthy nutrition is and how to deal with it. I repeatedly come to a situation when young people take over the responsibility, eat well and teach their parents.”

On your website margit.cz, you also speak about nutrition in schools, which is gradually getting better. What do we lack to have an ideal shape of school catering?

A system solution would be a change in the ordinance of school catering. All it takes is to replace the very old, complicated and not so healthy Consumer basket by recommendations called Healthy school canteen. This is an actual, practical program of State Health Institute, which helps schools to cook the best possible way. And it’s also necessary to offer freshly prepared snacks from real foodstuffs instead of reselling goods from the food industry in school canteens and vending machines.”

You are very active, you lecture at many events, you wrote “Very personal book of health” and you oversee several projects. What is your biggest motivation and goal for all these activities?

What I do works and thrives. I daily receive amazing references from people who follow me, have read my book, try my recommendations and feel great. They like the food, are saturated and happy and their experience proves that anyone can eat healthier,” says Margit Slimáková, who will be a guest speaker at the World Volleyball Coaches Show in Kladno. 

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