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Top 5 Female Volleyball Players to watch in 2021

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Volleyball has continued to attract many female players to the courts. Find out the top five female volleyball players who are having nice performances in 2021.

Thaisa Menezes

Thaisa Menezes

Volleyball is no doubt one of the most thrilling and popular sports in the world. From Japan to Russia to Italy, it has continued to attract young players who like its fast-paced action. Today, there are countless volleyball leagues and competitions that are held in different parts of the world.

Besides being popular, the game has continued to nurture the sporting careers of many young women. Players like Mako Kobata and Alessia Orro dominated the charts in 2020 and are likely to do the same in 2021. Here is our take on the top female volleyball players to watch in 2021.

5. Mako Kobata

Mako Kobata plays for the Japanese national women’s team as a libero. In her sporting career, Kobata has participated in various events. They include the 2017 FVIB Volleyball Women World Champions Cup and the 2019 Montreux Volley Masters. She has also won numerous awards such as the MVP and the Best Receiver in the Japan Volleyball League.

4. Alessia Orro

Alessia Orro is a volleyball player from Italy. She plays as a setter for the national volleyball team. Orro has had an illustrious career having participated in big tournaments such as the Italian Series A, CEV Cup and the Italian Cup. Her individual awards include the MVP Award won during the CEV Cup tournament of 2020.

3. Alexia Ioana Căruțașu

Alexia Ioana Căruțașu is the opposite in the Romania national team and the Sistem9 Yesilyurt Istanbul club. She has participated in various tournaments such as the Turkish Cup, the Challenge Cup, and the Turkiye Bayanlar Voleybol Ligi. Her awards include the MVP and the Best Scorer won during the 2020/2021 Challenge Cup.

2. Irina Voronkova

Irina Voronkova plays for the Russian national women’s team as an outside hitter. Her sporting career has seen her participate in tournaments such as the Russian Cup and the Russian Super League. Her individual awards include MVP, Best Server, and Best Outside Hitter that were won during the Russian Super League of 2020/2021.

1. Thaisa Menezes

Brazil is best known for its football players who also like spending their free time gambling at sites like Platin Casino. However, the country has also produced top volleyball players. One of them is Thaisa Menezes, a middle-blocker for the national women’s team. Menezes has won many awards including Best Middle-Blocker and Best Spiker won during the Brazilian Superliga of 2020/2021.


The aforementioned are the top five female volleyball players to watch in 2021. However, this list is not exhaustive as there are many others that will dominate the volleyball scene. They include Anna Danesi, a middle-blocker from Italy, Macris Carneiro, a setter from Brazil and Laura Heyman, a middle-blocker from Belgium.

All in all, volleyball remains to be an exciting sport. Going forward in 2021, we are likely to see more women joining the volleyball court as they seek to kick-start their sporting careers. And when this happens, more leagues and championships that will attract more fans to the stadiums are likely to come up.

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