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Indonesian player – male or female?

by WoV
source: volleywood.net; Photo: instagram.com

During the FIVB World Championship, Southeast Asian Zonal Qualification Tournament, in Vietnam, it has been reported that Indonesia was using a player of questionable gender.

April Manganang1

April Manganang

That is a serious accusation and also a quite sensitive issue.

This is what Page 19 of the FIVB Sports Regulations Handbook (Section 1, Chapter 2) states abot this:

April Manganang2

April Manganang



Gender must be attested by the national federations through the birth certificate of the player. Female players may be required to present a valid gender certificate and/or submit themselves to a medical examination in case of doubt based on medical evidence.


6.3.1 Gender Verification will not be performed during senior, junior or youth events. Gender verification may be conducted on a case by case basis in event of doubt based on medical evidence.

The player we are talking about is April Manganang. You can see some pictures of herl with the first image as the one which started it all and that’s the one posted by Jen Reyes from the Philippine national team. See for yourself are the doubts about April’s gender justified or not…

April Manganang3

April Manganang

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DLurker June 10, 2015 - 1:23 pm

No offense, but your article + Manganang’s pictures looks like a joke! April Manganang is obviously a boy! I’m sorry I am not trying to criticize your article but the fact Indonesia denies a gender test for the volleyball player. Manganang’s features like his biceps resembles so much to a male’s. And his selfies…. just look at it! You don’t need to have a gender test because it’s very obvious that Manganang’s a man just by the looks of it . This should not be ignored. This is unfair for the volleyball players.

NO NAME June 23, 2015 - 9:53 pm

Why should test more?
If she’s a man the host will reject her since beginning.


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