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WoV Community Profile’s Messages: Somebody might have contacted you, and you don’t know…

by WoV

Do you know that WoV Community Profiles can send/receive messages between them? And that till today more than 66,000 messages have been sent using WoV Messages? Did someone send you one?

What is WoV Community ?

WoV Community is created to be a trusted volleyball database of volleyball players, coaches, scouts, managers, clubs and national teams’ profiles updated constantly and connected between them in order to create a large and trusted volleyball network.

Volleyball players and coaches (especially PRO’s) are not so willing to spend their time creating their WoV Community profiles and insert career details. And that’s just fine! They have to think only about their performance or coaching. We were aware of that people would not just come and fill in the lines since we are not Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

But there are also people who would like to find information about their favorite volleyball player or coach in just a few clicks, managers to see if they can find some future client to represent, or sports directors looking for a good middle blocker for their club.  And also the kind of  information people look for have to be confirmed if you want other people trust you.

That’s why we decided to create each single WoV Community Profile. Almost 26,000 of them.

We have searched for days and nights, we dig for all your available volleyball details on the internet and we have created for FREE your WoV Community Player’s Profile, so the other persons can find (almost) all your volleyball career details: main info, clubs and NT you have played for, stats, videos and also to get in touch with you directly or via your official representative (manager or agency).

WorldofVolley do not manage players nor coaches, we just try to connect all the participants in one place on the internet and make them find and exchange volleyball information they need.

Why nobody answered to my WoV Community Messages?

WoV Community Profiles have an option to exchange direct messages by simply clicking on the envelope icon present in each WoV Community Profile and compose a message to another WoV Community Profile. People have already did it for more than 66,000 times! When you send a message to someone’s Profile, that person also gets notification via email connected with that WoV Community Profile (like Facebook and others do).

WoV Message example 4

WoV Message example 4


Many of you try to send direct message to WoV Community Profiles to offer your professional services to players or coaches, or look for an agent who can help in finding your new club. WorldofVolley is also constantly informing WoV Community members about club requests, monthly BPR reports, WoVVideo uploads, birthdays, etc. 

This photos under are only examples, and there are thousands of messages like this:

WoV Message example 1

WoV Message example 1


WoV Message example 2

WoV Message example 2


WoV Message example 3

WoV Message example 3


We have received so many notifications from your side telling us that you’ve never received a reply. So what’s the problem? 

The answer is that the person or ignored your message or wasn’t notified about your message. The player, coach or agency might have never received the message because 95% of the profiles were not notified when they have received a new message in their WoV Community Profile Inbox!!! 

What should I do?



 When WorldofVolley created those Profiles, we have left a chance to every single profile to be “CLAIMED” and to be managed by the person it represents! When you click on “Finger up” button inside each WoV Community Profile and claim your profile (photo document requested for identification), you are also invited to insert valid email address for further notifications and communication. Browse WoV Community, find your profile and CLAIM it. And that’s all! You can start managing your WoV Community Profile alone.

Also, you can use another option from your WoV Community Profile called “INVITE” to browse WoV Community for people you might know and invite them to join WoV Community.

There are more than 26,000 professional WoV Community Profiles and only less than 10% have a valid email. We are quite sure your Profile has already been created. (Check it here). If not, you can always make a new one here.

Claim your WoV Community Profile today. It’s FREE and it takes only 2 minutes of your time. Use WoV Messages, exchange your opinions with others, ask for advice, offer your services. Remember: Every WoV Community Profile is or still managed by WoV administrator or managed exclusively by the person that WoV Community Profile represents!!! Nobody else has access to WoV Community Profiles.

You can find answers to many of questions about WoV Community, Claim and Invite! on WoV Help&FAQ page.

Thank you and enjoy using The WorldofVolley – volleyball source you can trust!

The WorldofVolley Team

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