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WoV NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEWS: Dustin Schneider – “Europeans don’t realize…”

by WoV

The setter of Polish Zaksa and Canadian national team Dustin Schneider is one the players who enthusiastically accepted our request for New Year’s interview. There are a lot of answers which you should read.

Dustin Schneider

Dustin Schneider

What made you choose volleyball?

“Well when I was younger i was playing on a junior club in my hometown, and we had some success in our area. So it made me want to continue to play. Also i felt like volleyball was a very difficult game compared to hockey which came very easy to me. So i liked that it took so much skill and was a challenge.”

How difficult was it to create a successful career so far away from home?

“Well I think Europeans don’t realize how hard it is for Canadians to play abroad and make a career. First of all unless you are a big star on our national team it is very difficult to get an opportunity to play for a good club, because European coaches and managers don’t know you and what you can do as a player. So you have to be persistent and start off at a lower level and show people how you can play.”

You have spent whole career in Europe, which country left the best impression for you and why?

“I have really enjoyed my time playing everywhere in Europe, however I am really excited about this season in Poland because it is my first chance to play a full season at a really high level. I am also free of injuries now which have given me problems in the past. So, both of these things are really encouraging.



Who is the best volleyball player at the moment by your opinion and why?

“I would choose Simon from Cuba and Musersky from Russia. I know both our middle blockers, but i think it is incredible how much they can influence the match from this position. It is really incredible to me the amount of skill these big guys have!”

What is your favorite sport besides volleyball, and you can’t say hockey?

“No i love watching NBA also and Major league baseball. But as far as playing i really love Golfing in the summer in Canada. It has become a huge passion for me and something i will do for the rest of my life”

If you are not a sportsman, what would you be?

“Well my education is in business and economics, So I think I would really like to work in Investments, or help people and maybe even more specifically athletes to manage their finances”.

Do you read WorldofVolley and what do you think about our website?

“Yes I have read it quite a few times. I think it is great that you are bringing the game of volleyball to more people and also trying to give some news and information on the athletes who play. It can give the game a larger amount of popularity.”

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