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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR WOV: Shanice Marcelle – Canadian girl in Dresdner

by WoV

The member of SC Dresdner Shanice Marcelle was sick for a few days and he has been so busy getting back to training. But, she answered on our questions and WoV team are grateful for that. In this interview, you will find out a lot about this Canadian player. Enjoy it.

Shanice Marcelle

Shanice Marcelle

Could you look back and tell us was the past year successful for you or not?

“For me this year was highly successful even beyond volleyball. I graduated from university, won a national championship with my university team, won a prestigious scholarship for grad school through athletics, was named flag bearer for Canada at the FISU games, signed my first professional contract, and competed for my national team. I succeeded in accomplishing all the goals that I had set for myself, which was an amazing feeling.”

How’s it going in SC Dresdner?

“Dresden is great, I couldn’t ask for a better team to start my journey with professional volleyball. We are extremely competitive and all get along well so it’s a good mixture. We have a wonderful fan base and the city is beautiful. “

Have you got used to living in Germany?

“Living in Germany is different from my life in Canada with many adjustments. I have had to learn how to drive standard, which for me was difficult, I’ve had to get used to living alone, and adapt to playing volleyball at the professional level. After a couple of months I think I am definitely used to this lifestyle.”

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now I see myself successful. Do I know what that entails and what exactly I’m doing? Absolutely not, but I have many goals that I hope to accomplish by then. If I am still playing volleyball (I may even play beach volleyball) I want to compete in the Olympics for my country. But if that does not work out I would love to teach children in school and even coach young girls in volleyball. “

What was the toughest decision you ever had to make in your career?

“My toughest decision has been to choose the indoor game over beach. Many people didn’t think i would be successful with indoor because I am generally short with ball control being my biggest strength, so it was hard to give up beach volleyball when there was so much doubt. I am continually learning about the game and my own abilities and further improve throughout the next few years. “



What are your wishes for the 2014?

“To be healthy, and happy because that’s what life is about. I want to improve my skills during the remainder of my time in Germany for when I return to my national team I will be able to help us compete against top countries. As for the time with DSC I want for us to win the championship!”

What is your message for volleyball fans all over the world?

“Thank you fans for your support, and love, it makes the game so much more fulfilling to see the joy it gives people. I wish you all a happy 2014!”

What do you think about our website, The WorldofVolley?

“It’s a great website for information on other players and clubs to stay connected with volleyball all over the world. It’s an amazing site to help grow the game of volleyball through exposure.” said Shanice Marcelle.

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