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The importance of prevention in the jump-phase (VIDEO)

by WoV
source: Preparazione Fisica

The importance of prevention in the jump-phase As it often happens in the first phase of the season, the coach starts training new player, who arrive from completely different and various contexts due to origin (former club) and working methods (former coaches).

For sure it’s easy to discover soon some technical or physical lacuna, as for the athlete that we show in the following video. In that case, the coach, together with the staff, will need to study and apply some remedial exercise in order to improve the technical gesture and avoid complications also on the physical conditions.

Let’s start with the wrong execution of the gesture:

As you can see, the player has the tendency of moving inwards both knees, so that they almost touch each other. The video clearly shows that the staff needs to work on the loading and moving phase during the jump.

Every technical training session has a physical preparation work-phase for about 25 minutes, for the jump sensitization and for improving the technical gesture in the jump, “fly” and fall phases. The exercise we propose will have different grades of difficulty, from easy to hard.

The player has the chance of sensitize mostly the eccentric phase of the jump thanks to an elastic LoopBand (45 mm) which let the player focus on his movement in the fall phase.

The second exercise that we propose, is specific for sentizing the knee-joing mostly in the concentric phase, while in the fall-phase the player will need to find balance over a bouncer.

During the whole execution, both during the frontal and lateral jump, the player uses on her joint a LoopBand (33 mm), so that she has constantly the feeling that the elastic makes her knees converging and that she needs to apply a constant strenght with her abductors muscles during the jump.

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