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SER: Serbia plays without Ivan Miljkovic for Olympic Games

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source: b92.net

The head coach of the Serbian volleyball players, Igor Kolakovic, announced the list of the players who will play in the qualification for the Olympic Games. However, Ivan Miljkovic is not on that list.

The Serbian National Team

The Serbian National Team


This is the list of the candidates for the tournament of the European Qualifications for the Olympic Games in Bulgaria from 8. to 13. May and is also the list for the World League.

The Council of the World League FIVB, took the decision that this year in the World League national teams can have 25 players, so the list will not be shortened. All the players will be available to the coaching staff. Milkovic is not on the list of Kolakovic, because he decided not to take part in the World League, like in the previous years. However, it is expected that he will be on the list if our team manage to qualify for London.

The list of Kolakovic :

Setters: Vlado Petkovic (San Giustino), Mihajlo Mitic (Crvena Zvezda), Nikola Jovovic (Fridrihshafen) and Aleksa Brdjovic (Partizan).

Opposite: Sasa Starovic (Lube Macerata), Aleksandar Atanasijevic (SKRA Belhatov), Tomislav Dokic (Foinikas) and Milija Mrdak (Vojvodina).
Libero: Nikola Rosic (Fridrihshafen) and Filip Vujic (Crvena Zvezda).

Block: Dragan Stankovic (Lube Macerata), Marko Podrascanin (Lube Macerata), Milan Rasic (ACH Volley), Borislav Petrovic (Poitevin), Dejan Radic (Lenik) and Srecko Lisinac (Ribnica).

Reception: Bojan Janic (Fakel Novi Urengoy), Nikola Kovacevic (Gubernija Nizhny Novogorod), Milos Nikic (Monca), Uros Kovacevic (ACH Volley), Milos Terzic (Tur), Milos Vemic (Fridrihshafen), Nemanja Petric (Perugia), Nikola Mijailovic (Partizan) and Marko Ivovic (Vojvodina).

The Serbian volleyball players will participate this year in the World League for 15. time. Their rivals in A Group will be Japan, Russia and Cuba. The host of the first tournament will be Hamamacsu in Japan from 18. to 20. May. Due to the tournament of the intercontinental qualifications for the Olympic Games, the second tournament will be held from 15. to 17. June in Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic. Russia will be the host of the third tournament in Kaliningrad from 22. to 24. June. The fourth tournament will be held in Novi Sad from 28. to 30. June.

In the final tournament in Sofija, Bulgaria from 4. to 8. July,  6 national teams will take place. Bulgaria as the organizer, the winners of the groups and also the second ranked national team. In case that Bulgaria takes the first place in D group, 2 best second ranked natonal teams will participate in the final tournament.

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