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Champions League M – Final Four or first round group? Scary Pool E

by WoV
source: photo: HAGENpress

There is a popular term "group of death" in sports today, but that is too soft for what draw brought to us.



Pool E is probably the single strongest group in history of the first round of CEV Champions League. Belogorie is the strongest team in the World, Paris Volley just won the CEV Cup, Lube is the Italian champion, and do we need to say how powerful Fenerbahce is?


Pool A: Lugano, Tomis Constanta, Roeselare, Piacenza

Pool B: Marek Dupnitsa, CAI Teruel, Lokomotiv Novosibirsk, Jastrzebski Wegiel

Pool C: Budvanska Rivijera, ACH Volley Ljubljana, Berlin RV, Asseco Resovia

Pool D: Posojilnica, Olympiacos, Friedrichshafen, Zenit Kazan,

Pool E: Belogorie, Paris Volley, Fenerbahce, Lube Treia

Pool F: Ceske Budejovice, Hypo Tirol, Precura Antwerpen, Skra Belchatow

Pool G: Noliko Maasek, Tours VB, Halkbank, Sir Safety Perugia


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