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WoV in Florence – 7 days until the start

by WoV

Oh, we can’t wait the beginning of the Final Six in Florence. We keep wondering - who will win the title this year; USA, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Iran or…



We think that this tournament will be a sweet treat for all volleyball fans.

Italy as a host team has the biggest chance. Azzurri played very good in the first part of the group stage. But really, who could have expected to win all games in such strong Pool A? Anyway, Zaytsev and Co. will host the best teams who will fight for title and that fact puts them in a position of a favorite.

And USA? WoW, Americans are just amazing. They won the first place in Pool B with 9 wins and only three losses. They have young team but their players are just awesome. One of them is Sander who is unstoppable. And Anderson….ufff…

And what to say about Iran…With Slobodan Kovač this country has simply exploded. Iranians are serious candidates for trophy. Maybe they are surprise for someone, but not for us. Knowing how Kovač works and what he did with Perugia in the Italian league … this success is expected. We believe that they will take a medal in Florence.

OMG Brazil… Like a born champions they have risen in the last moment and took a visa for Italy. This season they are not as good we are used to them. But, knowing this team, they will be the best when it is most important. For sure, Bernardo Rezende has prepared Brazil for the finals.

And Russia…well, “Zbornaya” still hasn’t showed its full strength. Russians played on a high level, but everybody wait from them to explode in Florence.

We think that this tournament will be just perfect…we just need to wait for the last participant….who will come from the Final Four in Sydney.

Ok guys, we started counting down … seven days more

Ciao Firenza!


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Anna July 8, 2014 - 5:34 pm

Would be nice from you to be there and make some exclusive stories!

Smith July 8, 2014 - 9:53 pm

WoW, bravo…I can’t wait for a good stories from Firenza!


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