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EXCLUSIVE: Facundo Conte – “My F6 prediction? Brazil!”

by WoV

Facundo Conte certainly has some mixed feelings about World League 2014. His Argentina bravely fought in a tough competition, but lost in the last and crucial match against France.



And, Facundo could not help his teammates in that game, because of an ankle injury…

Today, Argentine receiver is still passing through a rehabilitation period, but he found some time to give an exclusive interview for WorldofVolley.

First off all, we want to ask you about your health. How is your ankle rehabilitation going and when you will ready to play volleyball again?

I’m getting better. I had a strong sprain, so I’m working a lot to come back to court as soon as possible!”

Argentina failed to qualify for the F6 of the World League, but presented an excellent volleyball with Velasco at helm. Do you think that this could be a beginning of new successful era of Argentine volleyball?

“I hope so. We were all very excited about Velasco as our new coach! Everyone thinks he’s the best, so I hope he’ll help Argentina to reach the highest level! We are working hard every day to improve technically and tactically. Even during the World League we were focusing on training without worrying about games! I think that we are yet to become a strong team!”

A little prediction, what do you think who has the biggest chance to win the F6 in Florence?

“I was in Florence to watch the game Italy-USA, and seeing other results, all teams had some changes. I think that Brazil has the highest chance to win the World League.”

Something about the club, are you staying in Skra Belchatow?

“I’m staying in Skra. I already have a contract for the next season and I’m so glad about it! Last season was the best in my career, partially because the club supported me a lot during my shoulder rehab and didn’t force me to start playing as soon as possible. I will be always thankful for that.”

What are your goals for the next season?

“I’ll play in the Champions League for the first time, and obviously that is one of the two biggest goals! The club made good choices in the transfer period and I think that we have good chances to play an important part in Europe! Obviously, the PlusLiga will be the second main goal, because it is important to confirm and defend the title. Belchatow has a big history and we will keep writing it.”


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