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WCH M: Germany won Bronze! The curse is broken!

by WoV

After what was long 44 years since Germany won a medal at the World Championships (it was a golden one), Vital Heynen and his boys are on the podium again! Germany vs France 3-0.




23-25 – It’s all over, Germany won the Bronze medal after an amazing performance!

21-22 It’s getting tense right now. Germany had it in the bag, but France somehow pulled it back.

13-16 – Germans look so confident like they have this match in the bag already.

10-12 – N’Gapeth spiked that way out. Germany is getting closer and closer to their goal.

7-8 – It’s such a tense game but Germans always somehow find the way to be on top.




24-26 – Germany capitalised on the second one as Kaliberda smashed it off the block.

23-24 – Missed serve by N’Gapeth and it’s a set point.

22-22 – Tillie from the back line and we are all tied up at 22.

16-15 – With two aces in a row, Earvin N’Gapeth brought the advantage over to the French side.

7-8 – Huge spike by Grozer from a difficult position and Germany snatched the minimal lead.

4-4 – Everything tied up here in the second set.


German fans

21-25 – Bomb by Georg Grozer! N’Gapeth had no chance so Germany is now leading 1-0.

19-22 – Big mistake by Jaumel, held ball and a crucial lead for the Germans.

15-17 – Kaliberda from the back line and Germany is in the slight lead again.

11-11 – Exactly what happened. France got it together and is now all 11 in Spodek Arena. Heynen reached for a break.

6-8 – Germany started off with a lot of energy and is leading at the moment. Maybe this time-out will help France get back into the game.


France: Rouzier, Toniutti, Tillie, Ngapeth, Le Rouz, Le Goff, L Grebennikov

Germany: Schwarz, Kaliberda, Bohme, Grozer, Kampa, Broshog, L Steuerwald

16:25 – Arena is filling up slowly, it’s sold out again (not really a surprise).


Sold out “Spodek”

15:59 – Both teams warming up, they all look pretty washed up but they have to swallow it up and play hard for the medal right now!


Getting ready


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Aguś September 21, 2014 - 5:26 pm

C’mon France! Germany dont deserve for medal. They have easy group and lost with strong team. Russia, Poland, Brasil. They have so luck that they in 4. If they played in group A or D they would go home after second round

question September 21, 2014 - 8:26 pm

france gave up so easily like children so shameful rouzier too .they play good for a whole tournament and suddenly this…france no balls. bravo germany fight till the end

dee jae September 22, 2014 - 2:31 am

im just shocked, but germany play well. france its like amatuer playing, they look nervous and they put to much pressure to their selves they are on top and they didn’t get any medal which is sucks 🙁


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