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EXCLUSIVE FOR WoV: Anastasi – “Thrilled for Poland!”

by WoV

One of the greatest active coaches, Andrea Anastasi, spoke to WoV about recent Poland's succes and a little bit about his new team.



You are known as a big Poland’s fan, were you cheering for them at the World Championship?

“I spent a lot of time with all these players (only Wlazly didn’t play with me), we achieved great results and some bad which is normal thing in the sports, we shared emotions that will remain with us forever. I’m now really thrilled for Poland, Polish fans and those amazing players!”

What was the first thing you felt when Wlazly scored the final point?

“That this result is now in the history of volleyball and I went back 24 years ago when I won with Italy our first World Championship and remembered how great that feeling was.”

How much of “you” is in this success of Poland?

“I belive that every great achievement is a result of good work done over the years and the experience gathered over that amount of time. This team has improved so much over the years, and especially in the last period and for this i have to congratulate to the new coach Antigà.”

Tell us something about Lotus and what you expect to achieve in Gdansk?

“New project, new life. The team is under construction but we want to play in the playoffs and compete with all of the teams in front of us. The idea is to try to and grow day by day and for the future we have all the conditions for to be an intesresting team in Europe. We have an incredibile Arena, amazing Fans and one beautiful city of Gdansk.”

Thank you coach and good luck in Gdansk!


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