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WCH W: World Champion has been eliminated

by WoV
source: photo: fivb.org

Italy has defeated Russia 3-1 and eliminated the reigning World Champion from the tournament! USA profited and advanced into the semifinal along with Azzurri!

Italy – Russia  3-1 (25-12, 25-17, 12-25, 25-23)

Marco Bonitta

Marco Bonitta

25-23 Kosheleva made mistake 

23-22 Diouf  scored two important points for Italy 

19-21 Chirichella stopped Kosheleva twice

12-12 Russia equalized thanks to good service of Kosianenko 

12-9 with three points in row by Diouf Italy took lead  

6-6 once again the set is tied  

The fourth set 

12-25  Fetisova used second set ball for 2-1

7-20  The host team is making a lot of mistakes while Russia is slowly back into the game

4-8 for Russia at the first TTO 

3-3 are playing point by point and Bonitta has deceided to start this this set with the younger girls 

The third set

Italy vs Russia

Italy vs Russia

25-17 her teammate from the junior national team Diouf scored the last point in this set

24-17 Bosetti scored her first point and set point forItaly 

23-17 At times the Russians acted like a team that once was the main in the world but … 

16-10 Ace of Folie for the big lead of the hosts onthe second TTO 

11-6 Arrighetti passed through the double block of Russia 

7-5 In the same mood, Italy continued the match 

Italy vs Russia

Italy vs Russia

The second set

25-12 Amazing  Centoni  finish this set with big support of audience

19-10 Centoni is playing like never before

16-8 with a large motivation Italy is scoring points, while Russia is totally out of play

12-7 with the good service of Del Core and strong attack of Centoni Italy went on +5

8-6 for Italy at the first TTO after uncertain battle 

4-2 The host started very well this match  

The first set

Italy vs Russia

Italy vs Russia

ITALY: De Gennaro, Folie, Centoni, Ferretti, Chirichella, Piccinini, Arrighetti, Lo Bianco, Del Core, Bosetti, Diouf, Costagrande. Coach: Marco Bonitta.

RUSSIA: Shcherban, Kryuchkova, Goncharova, Kosianenko, Gamova, Startseva, Fetisova, Kosheleva, Podskalnaya, Malykh, Maqlova, Moroz. Coach: Yury Marichev.


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Nikolay October 11, 2014 - 11:12 am

We are not in shape and that’s the main reason of our elimination…


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