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Do you know what is “Bagherone”?

by WoV

Today we will explain you what is "Bagherone" but for sure you have seen it before.

Bagherone is a simple volleyball warm-up exercise where two teams try to score a point using a “hard touch” play. No set, no tips, no soft touch. The word comes from italian word BAGHER, a two hands pass of the ball (receiving service for example).

There are many variations of this game:

1. with/without jump

2.  2,3,4 balls

3. 1 or 2 players of each team inside the court

4. Inside/outside 3m line point is valid

5. with/without service from the service line. 

6. Score untill 15 or 25

The more the team has “experience” about this game, the more the coach can make it difficult and also more interesting using the above variations. 

WorldofVolley will try to bring you some intresting videos from YouTube how some volleyball clubs or national teams make “bagherone” to warm up for their pracitice. 

Check out this video on YouTube:

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