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Official volleyball rules PART 14: Structure of play – the toss and warm-up session

by WoV
source: fivb.org

How to choose the side where you will start the match, and who will first serve? Answers in the following text.

the toss

the toss


Before the match, the 1st referee carries out a toss to decide upon thefirst service and the sides of the court in the first set.

If a deciding set is to be played, a new toss will be carried out. 

7.1.1 The toss is taken in the presence of the two team captains. 

7.1.2 The winner of the toss chooses:EITHER the right to serve or to receive the service

OR the side of the court.

The loser takes the remaining choice.


7.2.1 Prior to the match, if the teams have previously had a playing court exclusively at their disposal, they are entitled to a 6-minute official warm-up period together at the net; if not, they may have 10 minutes.

For FIVB, World and Official competitions, teams will be entitledto a 10 minute warm up period together at the net.

7.2.2 If either captain requests separate (consecutive) official warm-ups at the net, the teams are allowed 3 minutes each or 5 minutes each.

7.2.3 In the case of consecutive official warm-ups, the team that has the first service takes the first turn at the net. 

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