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Argentina: Drean Bolívar against UPCN Volley, the great battle of the last finalists

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This Thursday starts the fifteenth round of the League Volleyball Argentina Native Card Nation 2011/12

Drean Bolivar

Drean Bolivar

This Thursday  starts the fifteenth round that will begin the ninth weekend of the League Volleyball Argentina Native Card Nation 2011/12 with the great big game between Drean Bolivar and UPCN Volley Club, which will be transmitted  live on ESPN from 22h onwards.

For its part, Buenos Aires Unidos, the guard, travels to visit Boca Rio Uruguay Seguros while La Union de Formosa welcomes Catamarca Voley in the match.

01.02.2012 | A1 – UPCN Volleyball Club | A1 – Sarmiento Santana Textiles | A1 – PSM Volleyball | A1 – MSM – Bella Vista | A1 – Lechuzas Villa Maria | A1 –La  Union de Formosa | A1 – Jujuy Volleyball | A1 – Giants del Sur | A1 – Drean Bolívar | A1 – Catamarca Volleyball | A1 – Buenos Aires Unidos | A1 – Boca Rio Uruguay Seguros 

The local club will expose the tip against the team that comes from San Juan that comes to win in its  last four presentations.

Meanwhile, las “Águilas” have to win to keep the two-point lead against his closest rival, Buenos Aires Unidos.
Just Waldo Kantor comes to Concepcion del Uruguay, in Entre Rios, to meet with Boca Rio Uruguay Seguros and thus extend their winning streak to 10 games.

However, “xeneizes” are coming back and want to continue rising up on the scoreboard.

For its part, La Union de Formosa tries to reverse the situation of two consecutive losses at home from the 21h against Catamarca Volley.

The players from La Union de Formosa are still the third on the scoreboard but 5 points behind the leader, while the team led by Gerardo Fernandez did not come down from the fifth place.

At 21:30, Sarmiento Santana Textiles and Jujuy Volley are meeting in the stadium Alejo Gronda.

Both have lost in their earlier games (UPCN Volley with 3-2 and Boca Rio Uruguay Seguros with 3 to 0, respectively) and seek a win to turn things around.

PSM and MSM Bella Vista volleyball will face off at 21.30 in the Paraná Stadium.

Both teams are still fighting for the place in the playoffs and  for both it will be the determinal game to meet their expectations.

Meanwhile, Gigantes del Sur are looking for a triumph over Lechuzas Villa Maria, the team that  sprung the surprised on the last date when defeated La Union de Formosa.

Both teams are in the squad down and need to add  to relegation.

The schedule of the matches …

Date # 15 – Thursday, February 2, 2012
21:00 pm: vs. La Union de Formosa. Catamarca Volleyball
Stadium: Cincuentenario – Cuidad de Formosa (Formosa)
Referees: J. Mendoza – P. Gomez

21:00 pm: Sarmiento Santana Textiles vs. Jujuy Volley
Stadium: Alejo Gronda – Resistancia (Chaco)
Referees: Canteros S. –  Pierobón  M. 

21.30hs: PSM Volleys vs. MSM Bella Vista
Stadium: Paraná – Puerto San Martin (Santa Fe)
Referees: Casado N. – Montero C.

21.30hs: Boca Rio Uruguay Seguros vs. Buenos Aires Unidos
Stadium: Parque Sur – Concepcion del Uruguay (Entre Rios)
Referees: Sánchez G. – Chunco C.

21.30hs: Giantes del Sur vs. Lechuzas Villa Maria
Stadium:  Parque Central  – Ciudad de Neuqué (Neuquén)
Refeees: A. Keim – Amaya D.

22.00hs: Drean Bolívar vs. UPCN Volley (ESPN +)
Stadium: Republica de Venezuela, San Carlos de Bolivar (Buenos Aires)
Referees: M. Lueje – Fuentes L.

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