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ARG: Misiones Volleyball Federation President, Marcos Chigal, talks about his province updated volleyball new path

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source: feva.org.ar

The Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) goes on with this new management path with their main goal making Volleyball all over the country levelled, federating each and every corner of the same. With the same point of view, the Misiones Volleyball Federation considers that they are one of the provinces that profits from this aim and the words of his president, Marcos Chigal show confidence and support on the new management: "Each new management works good but we believe this will do a great job, they are on the right path".



In each province we have a different way of thinking and feeling and one of our thoughts is that every new management works good but we believe that this is on the right path tidying up our own papers, clearing the goals and thinking on the future” said Chigal as first encouraging notion.

The fact that this new management is very open, wide and allows everyone to be part of it, allows us to be looking forward that everyone in every corner of the country joins us. In Misiones we are new officials that have a lot to learn so sometimes we do not have ideas and take FeVA President words that talk only of supporting all provinces and we hope this will be so“.

Chigal also mentioned his idea about Volleyball outside the Capital city of Misiones.

There is a lot of Volleyball going on but they are not federated. That is our great problem today. People do not want to belong to an entity, they do not want to feel they are tied up so they participate at the competitions as invited so that slowly we can show them what we do at federated level. If they accept this, then it is time to make them join us” he added.

Therefore this is our most important goal. We started a couple of years ago with a small group of clubs that bet for the federation. We even help making the federation free so that everyone can join us and we are working on that. It is a great challenge. To find the right answer to that problem even if it means a great effort” he finished saying.

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