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ARG M: Yadier Sanchez top scorer of Copa ACLAV final

by WoV

The Cuban player dominated the big final of Copa ACLAV.




Yadier Sanchez was the MVP of the first Superclasico in this season, when Personal Bolivar defeated UPCN in the group stage of Copa ACLAV. But, now he made even better performance and made 27 points in the final game. Interesting enough the Cuban player was not voted as the MVP of the Copa ACLAV. It was his teammate Mathias Sanchez who collected the valuable prize. 

Here are the full stats from the final.

Personal Bolívar: Axel Jacobsen 1, Yadier Sánchez 27, Junior 17, Pablo Crer 3, Raphael 16, Nicolás Bruno 13. Líbero: Alexis González. Subs: Ricardo Ferreiro (-), Bruno Lima (-), Matías Sánchez 1, Alejandro Spajic 9.  Coach: Javier Weber.

UPCN San Juan Vóley: Demián González 3, Nikolay Uchikov 23, Martín Ramos 14, Ualas Martins 9, Pablo Bengolea 17, Javier Filardi 9. Líbero: Sebastián Garrocq. Subs: Gustavo Molina (-), Matías Salvo (-). Coach: Fabián Armoa.


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