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ARG: Viviana Marinho and the new FEVA management

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

Under-Secretary of Corrientes Volleyball Federation, Viviana Marinho has been for the last six years at the Province Board of Administration Volleyball Federation, starting her sport career as referee, going through the different levels of Province and National Referee and always maintaining a close contact with volleyball work in Corrientes. In this new period of the Argentine Volleyball Federation she wants to express her ideas about province and national volleyball. Her province is part of the North East Region - NEA.


Viviana – Marinho


First, she talks about the new FeVA management: “It is very positive. Their Staff and Authorities themselves, are all open to help in whatever is necessary. Press is also being handle very good and it is very important that they broadcast what goes on in all Federations. Juan Antonio (Gutierrez, the new FeVA President) offered himself several times to travel to help with whatever is need to grow“.

In this new framework, Corrientes lives its own new movement. “FeVA‘s Vice-President was here for a Regional Meeting with referees and also was present at the technical homologation of coaches”.

“He was very satisfied, his visit goal was fulfilled and for us it is also very important that the Board of Administration members go to the different provinces to see themselves the work that is being done. Corrientes Volleyball Federation is very satisfied with the work that is being carried out and the support received by the smaller federations” she adds.

About Corrientes volleyball she mentions: “We are working in a developing process but the budget is very hard in our province and real in all NEA region. This year, after changing authorities, we are working very hard in the development and training of coaches, referees and officials and also in organizing school competitions and working with the smallest leagues inside the province to help them grow and reach the Federative system“.

The FeVA federative idea as new main goal can be also be felt in “working as a team” of the region federations as Marinho refers. “We work a lot with Chaco and Formosa Volleyball Federations“. “We settled new competitions among the three provinces to improve the competition level of all players and the work of the coaches“.

It is a hard task but slowly, very slowing we are obtaining the first results” she finish saying. She is aware that they need to work a lot in the near future with the Education Province Ministry and with the General Chief of Physical Education; there are planned training clinics, activities to look for new talented players and much more. “We are facing each problem to find an answer for each of them: coaches, players, referees and authorities. All together. And at this point with a good momentum for Argentine Volleyball I believe we must get the small children to get to be part of this beautiful sport“.

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