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ARG: Successful improvement course in Regatas Corrientes

by WoV
source: feva.org

Great Success no matter from where it is looked at. The exact sentence is the balance of the improvement course "Volleyball at not official sites" lecturer by professor Julián Alvares, coach of the Argentine Youth's Boys Team, that took place at Regatas Corrientes..


Corrientes Course


This is the result of several clue matters, all noteworthy. The first one, and the most important, the State Policy carried out by the Province Government to train all Physical Education teachers, in this case, Volleyball to improve the teaching level at all school that depend of this government.

To obtain this, the Education Ministry, through out the Province Physical Education General Direction, took charge of registration of all participants, giving 0.25 points for those teachers at the event. Therefore, over 100 teachers register for the same.

The second fact, is the initiative of the Corrientes Volleyball Federation, leaded by Dr. Eduardo Tassano, that is working very hard to consolidate volleyball playing at schools, inexhaustible source of children that are talented and that can help province Volleyball grow steadily.

Therefore, the agreement from this season on, between the Corrientes Volleyball Federation and the Province Physical Education Direction to organize the School’s League, for both genders at the grass-root categories, that already is taking place at schools at the capital city and that generated interest at all officials related with sports.

Last but not least, the exhibition quality of professor Alvares, that carried out an outstanding course about all the fact that have to do with Volleyball, drawing the attention of all the present teachers with great notions and knowledge in a language all could understand.

So, the hours, days went by – Thursday and Friday with explanations about serving, digging, receiving, blocking, spiking and also setting and also about the way to work, train, teach, among others so as not to leave anything out.

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