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ARG W: Towards the South American Championship – Argentine Youth’s Girls

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source: feva.org.ar

Argentine Youth's Girls Team goes on towards their final preparation for the South American Championship that's also the 2013 World Championship qualifier. The girls coached by Guillermo Caceres are at Cenard facilities still not knowing the final 12 player's roster.


Argentina – team

Even though the South American Youth’s Girls Championship was programmed to take place beginning of November in Peru, the competition will be hold finally, from November 20th – 27th giving teams more chance to prepare themselves for the hard competition. The girls toured Brazil in a friendly tournament playing even with the strong Brazilian girls.

The girls will return then to work November 12th prior to travelling to Lima to participate also in a friendly competition prior to the tournament.

With one of the three berth at stake for the first time for South America, the girls returned to the World Championship in 2011, finising on the 8th place

These are the players of the Argentine team:

SÁEZ, Victoria – 12/03/96 – Círculo Policial
RODRÍGUEZ, Elina – 11/02/97 – El Tala
TIBALDO, Aldana – 20/04/96 – Banco Provincial Santa Fe
FRANGELLA, Bárbara – 17/02/96 – Gimnasia y Esgrima Santa Fe
HIRUELA, Camila – 01/02/97 – 9 de Julio Freyre
MICHLIG, Yamile – 04/02/96 – El Tala
MASSIMINO, Paula – 05/03/96 – Municipalidad Córdoba
ENRIQUE, Ayelén – 17/09/97 – Atlético Neuquén (Entre Ríos)
MONDINO, Micaela – 17/09/96 – El Tala
TORTAROLO, Florencia – 13/06/97 – 9 de Julio Freyre
PICCOLO, Sol – 11/09/96 – Vélez
REINOSO, Rosa – 26/03/96 – Atlético Neuquén (Entre Ríos)
NISENBAUM, Marina – 31/01/97 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires
CINA, Victoria – 26/11/97 – Banco Provincial Santa Fe
VEGA, Julieta – 11/05/96 – Círculo Policial
SÁNCHEZ ISOLA, Rosario – 11/03/97 – Gimnasia y Tiro de Salta

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