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AZE W: Three points for Azerrail and Igtisadchi

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The 17th round of the Azerbaijani League is finished. In the last two games Azerrail Baku and Igtisadchi Baku won against Lokomotiv Baladzhari Baku and Telecom Baku. The top scorers were Hodge, Flier, Wilson, Sorokaite, Carocci; Robles, Zhidkova, Abdulazimova.


Azerrail Baku – team

Azerrail Baku Lokomotiv Baladzhari Baku 3-0 (25-22, 25-13, 25-21)

Top Scorers: Hodge 18, Flier 9, Wilson 8, Sorokaite 6, Carocci (L); Robles 15, Zhidkova 8, Abdulazimova 6.

Igtisadchi Baku Telecom Baku 3-0 (25-16, 25-19, 25-19)

Top Scorers: Paolini 10, Apinyapong 10, Sittirak 9; Ruban 11, Stefanenko 10, Kharchenko 7.


Rabita Baku 37 (12-2) (39-13)
Igtisadchi Baku 35 (12-3) (39-16)
Azerrail Baku 30 (10-3) (32-11)
Lokomotiv Baku 22 (7-6) (28-20)
Azeryol Baki Baku 20 (7-8) (26-28)
Telecom Baku 6 (2-13) (6-39)
Lokomotiv Baladzhari Baku 0 (0-15) (2-45)

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