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BRA M: Jorge Schmidt fights that Santa Maria city gets volleyball team

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The city of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, will never forget the tragedy of January 27, when over 240 people died after a fire at the nightclub Kiss. Jorge Schmidt hopes to help the people of the city by bringing them a team that will play in the Superliga.


Jorge Schmidt

It is very sad in this city. We get scared in the streets. Santa Maria has yet to surpass sad that day and I pray it can make a comeback. Honestly, I hope I can do something for the peopleJorge Schmidt said.

Jorge Schmidt confided that he is talking to the mayor, Cezar Schirmer, about the possibility of Santa Maria to assemble a team to play in the next men’s volleyball Superliga.

We already have some early points and I can say that the mayor bought the idea. Next week I’ll be in town and will have a list of companies interested in being in the project.

Clube Recreativo Dores would host the new team. The hall has a capacity for 3,500 spectators, great social area and has the required structure.

The site would serve us well. I have no doubt. Clube has everything all we need” says Jorge.

The coach is cautious and explains the reasons:

I know this well because I’ve been there before. It is not easy to assemble a team, get sponsors, but I say that people are engaged.

Thrilled, he continues:

What I want is to bring a little joy, if that is possible for those families suffering today with pain and loss of relatives. Sport is a way and Santa Maria deserves it. Nothing will erase what happened, but I would give anything to see the smile back on the faces of some of them.

Jorge Schmidt worked last season in Montes Claros. The coach is 54 years old and was commanding Brazilian triple champion Frangosul/Ginastica, in 94/95, and then Ulbra in 97/98 and 98/99.

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