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BRA W: Fofao, almost 43!

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Fofao, Unilever's setter will turn 43 on Sunday, and says she still doesn't think about retirement. Fofao says that now she has less pressure than early in her career. Unilever will face SESI SP in the semifinals of the Superliga.



People talk about 43, but my head does not. At this age, I am still active, I’m in the rhythm, it’s hard. But when you are well, age does not influence much. I’m good. I know I can make mistakes, but that does not affect me anymore. When we do not have much experience, we feel more afraid. This luggage gives you confidence. When I was younger, if I were asked if I would play until 42, I would say: ‘For God’s sake’. I let things happenFofao said.

Before signing with Unilever for this season, she took a year off the court. Despite not having trained, she had more time to take better care of her body. Moreover, when he returned, she trained to stay in the same level as the other players, with the help of the professional staff.

You lose a lot. But I had time to prepare myself. It was a slow process through. When I joined the group, I was on the same level. I felt a lack of pace, but not scared. I have limitations, but they (trainers) are limiting me more. If they leave, I train in the morning and afternoon. When I play a five-set match, for example, it takes me longer to recover, but it’s nothing too hard” she said.

The rapid adaptation to the team and the city of Rio de Janeiro also made all the difference. Although born in São Paulo, the setter seems to be home. She said the relationship with the other players is great.

The level is very high. The weather is nice. It’s good. Being happy is the main thing. If I was not, it would be difficult. The city has a good mood, you can not keep a bad mood here. As for Bernardo, I knew hm. I knew when he was nervous, he would scream. But that’s what I need too. He lives for volleyball. And it helps too” concluded the experienced setter.

Fofão has another challenge in sight before turning 43: the first semifinal match of the Superliga against SESI-SP, on Friday, at 21h local time.

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