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BRA W: Erika Coimbra returns to Brazil

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One of the stars of Brasilian volleyball, Erika Coimbra returns to Brazil. Erika said she miss to speak Portuguese and food, "My dream was to come back" said Brasilisan opposite. This and other volleyball news read on Worldofvolley.com.


Erika Coimbra

Erika were four seasons out of Brazil. In Poland she was treated like a queen. Erika was leader of Atom SOPOT and with her team won the national championship and she was on the cover of several fashion magazines. Erika Coimbra, however, could not wait to return. She talked to some teams but hasn’t reached an agreement. She was discussing a contract extension when it emerged the proposed of the new team from Brasil. Erika said yes, born in Belo Horizonte she missed the family and the food and therefore she accepted the mission to lead the project alongside Paula Pequeno. The pointer also arrives in the country with the most romantic dream: to find a new love.

“Back to home will be good. I’m single. Now I have to get a Brazilian boyfriend” said Erika.

The nostalgia for Brazil was great. Erika left the country at the end of season 2009/2010. She spent some time in Turkey and Azerbaijan before she came to Poland. With return she set aside the financial issue and she entered a new project.

“My dream was to return to play in Brazil, regardless of everything. It did not matter much financially. It was more comfortable playing again at home, in a nice staff. I talked a lot with Sergio Negrao (supervisor of staff). Everything is made at the last minute, but it is a long term project, it’s a nice team”.

Erika missed the simplest things. Eating beans, rice, cheese bread. And especially, to speak Portuguese. In Europe it went days without talking in her own language.

“Before these seasons, I had only played once in Italy. I missed eating beans, rice, cheese bread. In Poland, it was very cool, we won the championship, I was voted the best player. It was really cool in terms of media. Throughout we won the championship, despite I was playing well, I already said I wanted to go home. I needed to speak Portuguese said Erika.

Beside Paula Pequeno, Erika will be the main player of the new team. “Lead has always been my characteristic, I was captain of the national team since I was 21 years old. I was born to lead. When I no longer lead, it’s time to stop. I talked with Paula, we know that everything will fall behind our backs. I came to be champion, I do not know think about anything else. We will have to work three times more.”

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