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This is the official format of New Volleyball League 2018, both men’s and women’s

by WoV

World League and Grand Prix have gone down in history. This is the new format of the New Volleyball League, both men's and women's for 2018, including the dates of the weekends.



As we have already written, both women’s and men’s tournaments in the new format, will have five weeks of Preliminary Round (in which every team will play 15 matches and will play against every single one of the participants) after which the six best teams will advance to the Final Six (hosts will be determined later). More details about new pools.

Permanent or “classified” teams in the World League are BrazilItalyUSARussiaSerbiaFranceArgentinaPolandIranGermanyJapan, and China. “Challengers” are CanadaBulgariaAustralia, and Korea.

2018 World League Preliminary Round, pools:

Week 1 (25-27 May):

Pool 1 – AUS, FRA, IRN, JPN;  Pool 2 – USA, CHN, ARG, BUL; Pool 3 – RUS, KOR, CAN, POL;  Pool 4 – GER, SRB, BRA, ITA.

Week 2 (1-3 Jun):

Pool 1 – BUL, AUS, RUS, SRB; Pool 2 – JPN, KOR, USA, BRA; Pool 3 – ARG, IRN, CAN, ITA; Pool 4: POL, FRA, CHN, GER.

Week 3 (8-10 Jun):

Pool 1 – CAN, AUS, USA, GER; Pool 2 – ITA, JPN, BUL, POL; Pool 3 – IRN, CHN, RUS, BRA; Pool 4 – SRB, ARG, KOR, FRA.

Week 4 (15-17 Jun):

Pool 1 – ITA, AUS, CHN, KOR; Pool 2 – ARG, GER, JPN, RUS; Pool 3 – SRB, USA, IRN, POL; Pool 4 – BUL, FRA, CAN, BRA.

Week 5 (22-24 Jun):

Pool 1 – ARG, AUS, POL, BRA; Pool 2 – JPN, CAN, CHN, SRB; Pool 3 – IRN, GER, BUL, KOR; Pool 4 – ITA, USA, FRA, RUS.

Permanent or “classified” teams in the World Grand Prix are BrazilChinaSerbiaUSARussiaThe NetherlandsItalyGermanyTurkeyJapanKoreaand Thailand. “Challengers” are PolandBelgiumDominican Republic and Argentina.

2018 World Grand Prix Preliminary Round, pools:

Week 1 (15-17 May):

Pool 1 – NED, ARG, THA, RUS; Pool 2 – KOR, DOM, CHN, BEL; Pool 3 – USA, ITA, POL, TUR; Pool 4 – BRA, JPN, GER, SRB

Week 2 (22-24 May): 

Pool 1 – BEL, NED, USA, JPN; Pool 2 – RUS, ITA, KOR, GER; Pool 3 – CHN, THA, POL, SRB; Pool 4 – TUR, ARG, DOM, BRA

Week 3 (29-31 May):

Pool 1 – POL, NED, KOR, BRA; Pool 2 – SRB, RUS, BEL, TUR; Pool 3 – THA, DOM, USA, GER; Pool 4 – JPN, CHN, ITA, ARG

Week 4 (5-7 Jun): 

Pool 1 – SRB, NED, DOM, ITA; Pool 2 – CHN, BRA, RUS, USA;  Pool 3 – JPN, KOR, THA, TUR; Pool 4 – BEL, ARG, POL, GER

Week 5 (12-14 Jun):

Pool 1 – CHN, NED, TUR, GER; Pool 2 – RUS, Pol, DOM, JPN; Pool 3 – THA, BRA, BEL, ITA; Pool 4 – SRB, KOR, ARG, USA.


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0 comment

Drinker August 16, 2017 - 5:07 pm

‘How to Ruin a Sport 101’

Paul August 16, 2017 - 5:36 pm

I’m German and I still don’t get how the german mens Team gets in this 12 Team roster!!

And also: there is a typo: Week 1 (25-77 May):

Zack August 16, 2017 - 6:07 pm

Re: @Paul
Credits to Germans winning a bronze in 2014 and the ‘volleyball history’ that was taken account into the selection of 12 classified team. I wonder why the Netherland is not the list, they have a great history. How about Cuba, 2010 bronze medalist in world championship. The level of BS :FIVB.
No shade on the German team, I do think they should be part of the elite teams

Kyle August 16, 2017 - 6:57 pm

Re: @Zack Belgium is stronger than Germany.

Kyle August 17, 2017 - 3:03 am

Re: @Kyle
The volleyabll history that FIVB stress on. How about the Asian team that get a place on the classified team.

Andre Siqueira January 18, 2018 - 6:12 am

Re: @Paul
Well, German may not be the best in the World League, but the World League is not everything. In the Continental Competitions Germany does really well. Plus they picked but in the last World Championship, making all the way to the semi-finals.

synlerak August 17, 2017 - 11:20 am

This system of history as an important factor for the selection of the WL group 1 participants is just an insult towards fair competition giving the traditional powerhouses a protected status while others don’t. China, Japan, Australia and especially Germany have not reached any worthy sportive criteria for this reward. Slovenia is left empty-handed and the Netherlands have wasted their time and effort in a worthless final 4. But the worst of all is Belgium, they were simply punished for their success.

Coolza August 30, 2017 - 5:00 am

Where is Slovenia men team ? Shame of you FIVB.

Rob December 31, 2017 - 3:37 pm

How are the dates for the women weekends? I only see Tuesdays to Thursdays 🙁


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