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GER W: Maren Brinker – ”Victory in EL strenghtened us mentally”

by WoV

One of the most experienced in Germany squad, Maren Brinker, talked about them winning European League and tough summer calendar.


Maren Brinker

You have in your account already 199 appearances in the frame and you become the one of the most experienced players of the team. How do you see your role in the team?

”Yes, that’s right, 199 appearances, but time flies (laughs). Much of this team has been through from year to year I am glad that I can get more and more extra duties and responsibilities”.

Is winning of EL going to hurt you team because of very difficult calendar this year?

”First of all I think I should definitely say one thing. In terms of difficulty level, European League is number one. I absolutely do not want to downplay the class rivals here and i think that experience that we got from this competition is extremly valuable and it will pay off sooner than everyone thinks”.

How to gather strength for the most important events?

”Every year that’s a huge challenge and I must admit I have got used to such loads. Main reason for that is our great coaching staff that keeps us at the top of our form trough out the whole summer”, Brinker said.

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