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GER M: De Marchi in Berlin

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source: berlin-recycling-volleys.de; Photo:berlin-recycling-volleys.de

After half season in France in the team of Rennes Volley 35, the Italian receiver has decided to move to Germany.

Francesco De Marchi

Francesco De Marchi

Francesco De Marchi will wear the jersey of Berlin Recycling Volley in the next season.

Francesco is exactly the player we have been looking for this empty position” said BR Volleys coach Mark Lebedev: “He is an almost complete player, strong in the receiver, but also in the attack” said the Australian.

The BR Volleys Team 2014/2015:

Setters: Kawika Shoji, Sebastian Kuehner

Opposites: Paul Carroll, Christian Thin, Aleksandar Spirovski

Middle blockers: Tomas Kmet, Felix Fischer, Rob Bontje

Receivers: Scott Touzinsky, Robert Kromm, Francesco De Marchi

Liberos: Martin Krystof, Erik Shoji


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