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ITA W: Chieri Torino – Villa Cortese 2:3

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Asystel MC Carnaghi Villa Cortese needed five sets to defeat Duck Farm Chieri Torino 2:3. Giulia Rondon, Stefana Veljkovic and Gianni Caprara commented the game.


Asystel – team

Giulia Rondon (Villa Cortese): “It ‘was a game that will change us, when you win  and not play well means that you strongly want to win and that you were able to give precedence to your will. This should give us confidence.

Stefana Veljkovic (Villa Cortese): “We played well but we are very tired. At the end we wanted this win and we showed it. It is victory and perhaps it shows maturity getting. A step ahead in the standings.

Gianni Caprara (Villa Cortese): “I needed to rest Barun and give minutes of play to Sanja Malagurski. She still lacks the rhythm in the game, she has to find continuity, This is important in terms of physical and mental health.

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